Monday, 13 May 2013


So it has been many months since my last blog, and my only excuse is that I've had a baby. Poppet (not her real name, in case you thought we'd called her something stupid!) is 7 months old now and my new life as a Mummy is pretty great. Now that I'm heading towards getting back to work, I figured I should get back to blogging as I have missed it. I've got more time in the evenings now so hopefully instead of flopping out in front of the telly, I can be a bit more productive. On that note, I've updated my Etsy shop (another thing I have neglected of late) and there are some new items on there, so feel free to take a look, all purchases welcome!

I won't leave it seven months til my next post, promise! Watch this space for some posts regarding my latest crochet project which is shaping up to be a biggie!
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