Friday, 10 February 2012

Take a ticket...

I picked up some lovely fabric a few weeks ago which has a great vintage cinema ticket print. It screamed out to me and I made a memo board for Mr PC's birthday which he just loves!

Memo boards are not just 'for girls'!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fabric rehab

One of my many ideas has been to create memo boards in different sizes and shapes and so my latest development is to make square memo boards which are 15 inches.

I've looked out some fabrics which are destined for this new purpose and I'm quite looking forward to putting them to good use!

Pics to follow soon and all of these memo boards will be added to my Etsy shop in due course!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My first woolly post!

A few weeks ago I ordered some wool online which mean that a few days later I got my first ever woolly post! Any knitter/crocheter will know how exciting this can be!

I bought some random colours to build up my stash and I quite like how these look together. I'm sure they'll be destined for a project soon.

These colours are working on a secret project at the moment and they really look great together!

I'm quite liking how this Stylecraft DK Special is turning out. It's lovely and soft and not fluffy. Would be great for scarves as it's not in the least bit scratchy. And I see myself buying many more colours in the near future!!

Have you had any woolly post lately?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cath Kidston Love

Last week saw us take a trip to Cambridge for the day as Mr PC's birthday outing. Not very exciting, but it did mean I got to have a good rummage around the Cath Kidston shop which has got to be the biggest I've been in!

I find some CK items expensive and overpriced but then there are some things that are really worth the money. I got a two pack of tea towels in the sale for a mere £4! I would never pay the regular £12 price tag but £4 was much more up my street. And they are totally pink and girlie which Mr PC hates, so double bonus!

I did make another purchase of a bundle of fat quarters which I thought to be a reasonable £24. It's a selection of their most iconic prints and features my all time fave - the cowboy print!

I've no idea what I'm going to do with these lovely fabrics but I just had to have them! I do feel they need to be kept for 'best' but I know that would be wrong as they need to fulfil their fabric-y potential. Until I have a fabulous brainwave, they shall sit on my desk where I can keep an eye on them! 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Cake and snow

What was your weekend like? Mine was punctuated by two things: cake and snow.

I made the Ultimate Chocolate Cake from The Boy Who Bakes book in honour of Mr PC's birthday and boy was it good!!

I found the recipe a bit faffy as there were a few stages, but it was worth it in the end. This cake was delicious and needless to say there is none left! It ended up being a two tier because the third tier had a run in with the greaseproof paper...

Vintage cake plates are far nicer than cake boards! 

Sunday was a really lazy and quiet day as we got about 6-8 inches of snow during the night and the roads were a bit of a state around our area. I love snow (deprived of it as child) and really hate it when someone spoils it by tramping great big foot prints in it. So I made Mr PC retrace his steps when he had to go out to the shed so that there were only one set of footprints in the garden! We did go out for a bit and cleared the cars so we could get them out if we needed to. I made a snow angel but by the time I got back up off the ground it looked more like a snow hippo! And my coat got totally soaked in the process. I don't remember this happening when I was a kid... We also had a fit of a snowball fight but I called a truce when I got hit right in the face!

Here's a few pics of what the snow was looking like yesterday:

Great indication of how deep it was!

I love how snow clings to everything, even hanging baskets!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Bimbling along

The last week or so I've been bimbling along doing a bit of this and that but in general not a lot of anything! I'm still in my 'lazy mode' and I don't mind it really cos I know that soon enough it will be all systems go. I'm still relishing the fact that most weekends we are waking up saying 'what shall we do today' rather than 'what are we doing and where are we going today'.

I've been baking a fair bit recently too which is great but maybe not so great for our waistlines! Oh well, life's to short to deprive yourself of quality baked goods! The latest has been pink chocolate chip cookies which I baked on a whim the other night and I must say they are so moreish that there aren't many left!

I also made a chicken and asparagus pie which was pretty amazing!

And in other cake news, this is my latest 'big cake' - a madeira sponge with vanilla icing.

I have still been crocheting the last few weeks but I'm working on a couple of secret projects which is why I've not posted about my latest makes recently. I will share all when the time is right!

Also, I have been updating my Etsy shop with some new products now that I have the time to do the listings. So go take a look and see what you fancy! If there's a new baby in your life or soon to be a baby, You might be particularly interested in the knitted items section of the shop!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pink chocolate cakey goodness

At the weekend, I made a cake (my first in a while) for a birthday celebration. It was for an 8 year old girl so what else was I going to make than a chocolate cake with pink frosting?! She loved it!

I realised one thing when making this cake - When you make a cake for someone else, you generally have to wait til the next day before you can eat it! We were watching telly and all I could smell was chocolate yuminess wafting from the kitchen as the cake cooled. Note to self next time make extra cake for eating!!

I was aiming for magenta pink icing but stopped at this shade as the amount of food colouring was getting to be quite alarming! Mr PC said he thought it looked like the colour of Angel Delight...

A few sprinkles around the edge kept it simple.

Pink glittery candles and these cute heart and start cake toppers made it totally girly!

And as it's Mr PC's birthday in a couple of weeks and most of the family were together, we relit the candles and sang happy birthday to him too! Here he is blowing out the candles on the girliest cake he's ever had!

Decorating tip: When putting the frosting on, if you pipe it on using a wide flat nozzle, it goes on a lot better than doing it with a palette knife. Then, use a metal palette knife to smooth it out. Dip the knife in cold water from time to time to stop the frosting sticking to it and after a few sweeps it will be smooth. I'm still practising this method but each time I do it it comes out better.
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