Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pink chocolate cakey goodness

At the weekend, I made a cake (my first in a while) for a birthday celebration. It was for an 8 year old girl so what else was I going to make than a chocolate cake with pink frosting?! She loved it!

I realised one thing when making this cake - When you make a cake for someone else, you generally have to wait til the next day before you can eat it! We were watching telly and all I could smell was chocolate yuminess wafting from the kitchen as the cake cooled. Note to self next time make extra cake for eating!!

I was aiming for magenta pink icing but stopped at this shade as the amount of food colouring was getting to be quite alarming! Mr PC said he thought it looked like the colour of Angel Delight...

A few sprinkles around the edge kept it simple.

Pink glittery candles and these cute heart and start cake toppers made it totally girly!

And as it's Mr PC's birthday in a couple of weeks and most of the family were together, we relit the candles and sang happy birthday to him too! Here he is blowing out the candles on the girliest cake he's ever had!

Decorating tip: When putting the frosting on, if you pipe it on using a wide flat nozzle, it goes on a lot better than doing it with a palette knife. Then, use a metal palette knife to smooth it out. Dip the knife in cold water from time to time to stop the frosting sticking to it and after a few sweeps it will be smooth. I'm still practising this method but each time I do it it comes out better.

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  1. Oh that looks lovely I would have been pleased with that!

    X x


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