Friday, 3 February 2012

Bimbling along

The last week or so I've been bimbling along doing a bit of this and that but in general not a lot of anything! I'm still in my 'lazy mode' and I don't mind it really cos I know that soon enough it will be all systems go. I'm still relishing the fact that most weekends we are waking up saying 'what shall we do today' rather than 'what are we doing and where are we going today'.

I've been baking a fair bit recently too which is great but maybe not so great for our waistlines! Oh well, life's to short to deprive yourself of quality baked goods! The latest has been pink chocolate chip cookies which I baked on a whim the other night and I must say they are so moreish that there aren't many left!

I also made a chicken and asparagus pie which was pretty amazing!

And in other cake news, this is my latest 'big cake' - a madeira sponge with vanilla icing.

I have still been crocheting the last few weeks but I'm working on a couple of secret projects which is why I've not posted about my latest makes recently. I will share all when the time is right!

Also, I have been updating my Etsy shop with some new products now that I have the time to do the listings. So go take a look and see what you fancy! If there's a new baby in your life or soon to be a baby, You might be particularly interested in the knitted items section of the shop!


  1. Replies
    1. Yep! I've got two (lucky me!) This one is a bit small in the 'shoulders' so the pastry slumped a bit but it was still amazing!

  2. secret project! how exciting! :-) i cant wait to see what it is!


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