Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Table makeover

We recently bought a new arm chair for the living room and after having it for a while, I decided we needed a wee table to go with it so that we had somewhere to put a drink, tv remote etc. Mr PC was going to build one from some mahogany he got from Freecyle (love free stuff!) but as he's had so many other projects on his plate this summer we decided to just buy one. A trip to Ikea was in order! We bought this cheap and cheerful table for a spiffy £7! 
NESNA Bedside table IKEA Bamboo, a hardwearing natural material. 
We didn't like the glass top or the slats, so Mr PC used some plywood to replace them with. Then I got to do some wood staining! Normally I'm not 'allowed' to do jobs like these because he prefers to do them and thinks himself an expert (which he kinda is, but don't tell him I said so), but in the interest of having the table asap, I got the brush out and got stuck in!

Whilst I liked the table once it was stained, there was something missing...

...a bit of granny action! I quickly whipped up a granny square to cover the top and made it just long enough to hang over the edge of the table top. I weaved in some elastic to make it nice and snug and hey presto, and splendid new table which cost a mere £7!!

 The new arm chair is super comfy and has become a bit of a handmade nook which I just love!

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