Friday, 26 July 2013

Giant Granny Square Rug

Hello! My crafty endeavours are regularly gazumped by a lack of time/energy by the time my Mummy duties are done for the day. However, I do manage to get some things done from time to time and today I want to show you my giant granny square rug which I made for our bedroom.

This rug has a bit of a back story in that I've wanted to make a giant doily rug for the longest time and finally got my hands on a pattern and then realised it was just going plain wrong! The particular pattern I chose is, in my opinion, not suited to being a rug as it came out too flimsy and would have been a major trip hazard. So after rethinking and making it again using another pattern and that failing, I decided to make it into a granny square. If in doubt, do a granny!

It proved rather difficult to photograph the rug in situ but here are the best shots I got!

I used DMC Zpagetti in Fuchsia to make this and used about 1.5 spools. I've previously used Hoopla for smaller projects, and Zpagetti is very similar. I found it to be less stretchy than Hoopla which I thought important for a rug. It is also easily washable which is handy. I was, however, very disappointed in the number of knots in the yarn. I'm talking dozens! This meant that I had a LOT of ends to sew in as cutting them out was the only option, they were so unsightly. But apart from that, Zpagetti is pretty good stuff to work with, altho it is a workout on your wrists!

Here's some pics of the rug's original incarnations:

You get more per spool than you do with Hoopla!

The original pattern, it looked lovely but not very practical

The second attempt, different pattern but I had issues up scaling it. 

It looks great in our bedroom but it took a while to get used to is as we kept walking round it for about two weeks! Poppet loves it as she can stick her fingers in the gaps and it feels kinda squishy!

The clusters are so touchy-feely!

The best aerial view, as modelled by Sophie Giraffe

Rug Facts
Yarn: Zpagetti, in Fuchsia 1.5 spools
Measures: 1metre x 1metre, 13 rounds made
Hook: 12mm

If you'd like to have a go at making your own rug and need large crochet hook, checkout my Etsy shop where you can purchase a lovely handmade hook perfect for some extreme crochet!

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