Thursday, 1 August 2013

Crochet Hook Storage

Any crafter will tell you, supplies and tools take up space. And they are best kept organised so you can lay your hands on what you're looking for just when you need it. Or is that just me?

I've built up a bit of a selection of crochet hooks, some cheapo plastic ones that came free with a magazine, some coloured metal ones, and loads of bamboos ones. I like the bamboo hooks the best, so much so that I've been selling them in my Etsy shop for some time now.

I like to have all my hooks together in one place in my crochet bag so that I always have the full range of sizes to hand as many projects I've done require more than one hook size. I've been using a pencil case to store them, but as my collection has grown, I find myself rooting around and emptying it out trying to find the hook I want. Annoying. For the longest time I have wanted a hook roll but between one thing and another I haven't bought/made one.

A few weeks ago I was perusing the online sale at Purple Linda Crafts and treated myself to a hook roll made by Sew Ray Me. I'm so pleased with it, now my hooks are organised and grouped in size order and so handy to grab the one I want!

The pattern is a bit different from my usual choice, in that it's not pink, but I really love it! There's even space for my pen which I use to mark my place on the pattern I'm using.

And it's not bigger than a pencil case once it's rolled up!

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