Monday, 16 August 2010

Cross Stitching

This has been a work in progress for nearly a year and I finally knuckled down and finished it off last week. It was not a difficult to do as I originally thought, and I was put off by the intricate corner detailing and the french knots but it was a lot more straightforward than it looks on the pattern! And I found some tiny pink beads to use instead of doing what was going to be 68 french knots. And the best bit is I'm keeping this for myself : )

The photos haven't turned out very well but it is on a white aida canvas with baby pink Anchor thread. I did have a frame ready wand waiting for this but alas it does not fit... The overall picture is a smidge longer than it is tall so it's not quite square but it's not really rectangle either so me thinks it will be a while til I track down a suitable frame for it! Ah well, I've waited this long.

I ordered a ton of DMC thread to start the cross stitch nativity which I never had time to do for Christmas last year, so when that comes in I'll be stitching again to add to my Christmas decorations.

In the meantime I thought I'd make a little coaster to keep me busy. I wanted to stitch 'make tea not war' but it was too big so it just ended up saying 'tea' which was just as nice. I decided to keep this even though it was supposed to be a pressie, but I like it too much and I never make things for myself (well except for the home sweet home one).

Got some more cross stitching ideas in the pipeline but have promised myself to get the Christmas stuff done first before getting distracted with anything else! And I also promised to make something for my hubby as he's been a bit left out on the cross stitched pressie front!

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