Saturday, 7 August 2010

Anniversary cross stitch

Not blogged for a while but I've been on holiday so no time for sewing etc!

Before we went on holiday it was my in-laws' 30th wedding anniversary which brought me the chance make a few special things. These will most probably be a one off but they were worth it in the end! the easiest of the three projects was this:

A cross stitch to commemorate the anniversary. It is mainly stitched in gold thread and features two champagne flutes with 'congratulations' down the side. I also used tiny pink beads on the detailing.

I also decorated a photo album but have just realised I never took any photos of that! The piece de resistance was the remake of their wedding cake which I made for their party. We took loads of photos but the SD card mysteriously got damaged so we lost them all, but we have sent it to a data recovery company to try to retrieve them so watch this space.

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