Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Would you like a cuppa?

A new lease of life to unwanted teacups!!

I love a good cup of tea (green only!) and I really like antique teacups and saucers. They just remind me of a time when afternoon tea was a daily 'must' and not a special treat like it is nowadays. So, when I found some lovely teacups at an antique shop I had to buy them! However, I'm more of a mug person so these teacups were destined to become functional decorations, in the form of candles!

I'd never made candles before and am surprised how easy it is to do, although I was a bit scared that the melting wax might catch fire, esp as we don't have a fire extinguisher. Our next door neighbour is a fireman so at least I could call him to save the day. But it all went hunky dory except that I ran out of wax before I used all the teacups! So must buy more wax next time.

This one is my favourite and will live on my coffee table as I can't part with it.

All the other ones are for sale, so take a look at the teacup page for more info. Here are some more pics for you:

Matching antique coffee cups

Japanese Noritake antique teacups

Contemporary teacups - these have a Moroccan feel to them

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