Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A plethora of patterns

Now that I have a good stash of fabrics and ribbons etc, the ideas I've been working on will come to light soon! Check out what I bought yesterday at the Aladdin's cave for a fabric shop:

It doesn't look like much but added to the pile of stuff I already have, there is plenty to play with. The next thing is to decide which combinations to do! I also LOVE this fabric which I'm going to turn into ballet bags:

And in preparation for Christmas (yes, I did just use the C word in July!) I have bought these which I am going to turn into stocking shaped bunting as soon as I find some nice green cord or ribbon.

I love making stuff for Christmas and this year I'm hoping to do some great wee projects to add the the Christmas decorations. It may be uber early to think about Christmas (hey, I haven't even had my birthday yet!) but I need time to get them all finished! Luckily, And Sew On which is where I get my supplies, have just started stocking the Christmas prints and all the goodies to go with them!! : )

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