Friday, 9 July 2010


Last night I managed to finish a few of my little projects which have been on the go for a while. Will post pics soon - most of these are surprise pressies so will wait til the receiver has had them!

I did however finish my first protoype for something new (to me anyway). Gave you a sneak peak yesterday but here are the finish articles!

Large coasters to fit your tea (or coffee!) and a few biccies!!
I've made two, one turned out slightly smaller but that's cos I was using scraps of material. One side is pink and the other has a shoe pattern. I'm quite please with them but I think I need to make a few more before I've perfected them. Must sort out a template for cutting them out...

What do you think?

Also, just had to show you a pic of my 'sewing machine'. I put a mug next to it so you can see how big it actually is! If this crafting thing is going to take off, I may just have to get a proper machine, but so far it has done a good job, me thinks!


  1. they're really cute Kerry. Anywhere with space for biscuits always goes down well with me!

  2. My biscuits aren't around long enough to need a coaster! *munch munch munch*


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