Monday, 19 July 2010

Bags of fun!

I finally found some heat and bond transfer stuff at the weekend so can finish a few things I had on the go. My prototypes for the drawstring bags turned out in the end but were hindered be a couple of things:
1- My rubbish miniature sewing machine. It's just not powerful enough to go through more than two layers of cotton.
2- My clueless-ness about making bags! Am thinking I should have made more of an effort in the sewing classes at school...

Anyway, they are finished now and while they're not going to win any prizes they are presentable enough.

This is the first one I did, and it turned out a bit of a square shape cos I measured it wrong, so it's a bit small... And I changed the ribbon as it was too wide for the gaps I made. All in all though, not bad for the very first one, me thinks!! I didn't know how to make it more interesting, esp as it was finished and it was too late to sew anything on, so I experimented with ironing on letter shapes.

This is the second one and it turned out much better! I ironed on the zebra print bra and knickers to liven it up a bit. I just love this print, even though animal prints are not normally my thing! And I used a white cord this time which looks really nice and does a good job.

I think more practice is required but it will probably only take one or two more to perfect them!

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