Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A string of stockings

At this time of year I start thinking about Christmas and what new decorations can be made/purchased to add to the collection. When I was little, my mum always made new things for each Christmas and we still have some to this day. The biggest project she did was the cross stitch advent calendar which we loved opening to see what goodies were in each box! And there were tons of cool and original decorations for the tree. But I digress.

Since hubby and I have been in charge of our own Christmases (this year will be our third), I have made some bits and bobs each year as well as spending probably too much money on lots of shiny new ones! The first decoration for 2010 is a lovely string of stocking shaped bunting.



I used three different Christmas themed fabrics and a lovely green satin ribbon. As I had a limited amount of ribbon (needed a specific shade of green that apparently is hard to find) I decided to make the stockings double sided and I finished the loops of with two snowflake buttons.

So this bunting goes into storage ready for the holidays!! My other Christmas projects for this year are patchwork stockings and a cross stitched nativity scene. I'm sure there may be a few other things along the way! Ooh and I'm also going to be making my own door decoration and will probably do the golden pears again as they worked quite well. And I'm making the Christmas cake this year too!

OK, enough about Christmas, I do know it's still July!!!

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