Thursday, 7 October 2010

Exciting opportunity

Last week I had an interesting email from a media company in the USA very politely asking if I would like to be featured in one of their TV programmes called '15 Fresh Handmade Gift Ideas' on the HGTV channel. My immediate answer was 'absolutely'!! 

So two of these gorgeous teacups are en route to Tennessee to be featured on American telly! 

I was sad to see them go as they are some of my faves (namely cos they are pink) but I am also excited that 89 million households (so I am told) will get the chance to see my humble little teacup candles. How exciting! I rescued these particular teacups from the back of a sad and dreary charity shop, and after a bit of titivating, they're now going to be TV megastars! I'm so pleased for them : )

This is the box all ready and waiting for FedEx to collect:

There was a lot of paperwork involved in organising the FedEx delivery, but thanks to some help from my hubby, it all got filled in properly and they should be there in 24hours. I was rather paranoid of doing it wrong but a call to customer services and several stupid questions soon sorted that out!

So there you have it, Princess Crafts' first TV appearance! I now need to get my skates on and sort my website out before the show airs on Thanksgiving Day...

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