Monday, 29 November 2010

Happiness comes when selling your crafts

The school Christmas bazaar went really well on Saturday and was a great practise run for the upcoming two day craft fair in 2 weeks' time. Thank you to everyone who popped in and double thank you to everyone who made a purchase!!

It is so thrilling to a) have someone say they like something you made and then b) for them to buy it. People actually paid money for the things I made with my own fair hands!! That makes me so happy :)

When I have moments of doubt about whether my crafts are good enough, Hubby always says they are great and of course people will want to buy it. But it is even more fulfilling for a total stranger to say they like it and want it for themselves. **huge grin**

There are photos of the stall but they are still on my sister's camera so will follow shortly. I do however have a pic for you. This scarf was the star of the show and if there was a prize, it would win 'Most Coveted Item' :

PS. Extra special thank you to Hubby and Sister who helped on the day and also to everyone who contributed their crafting skills to boost stock levels!

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