Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Candycane Tree Decorations

Ok, so now it's December 1st, we can all officially start getting excited about Christmas!! Here is a quick and easy project for those who like to make new decorations for Christmas but are short for time.

You will need:
A box of candycanes (I bought mine in The Works, 10 for 99p)
A glue gun
Mini bows ( I boght 10 for 50p from my local fabric shop)
Narrow ribbon to hang the decorations

Take 2 candycanes:

Use a little bit of glue on the top and bottom to glue them together

Then turn it over and use a little bit of glue on the top and bottom to make sure it is properly stuck together

Use a tiny amount of glue to stick on the mini bow to the middle of the heart shape

 Turn over again and add another bow to the middle of the heart

When the glue is dry, the decoration is ready to hang!!

Use a length of ribbon in the colour of your choice and simply tie round the top of the heart.

This literally takes 5 minutes and the heart shapes would look particularly good attached to your pressies instead of bows. And the best part is you can eat them so they make a good alternative to chocolate tree decorations!

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