Thursday, 16 December 2010

Catch up

Ooh, it seems such a long while since I wrote a proper post! Apologies, but I have been busy making things and so will have plenty to blog about when my To Do list is finished!!

I am most excited about my Christmas presents this year. And I don't mean the ones I will (hopefully) be receiving but the ones I shall be giving. As I mentioned before Hubby and I decided to have a homemade Christmas this year, and while I haven't managed to make ALL the presents, I would say at least half are 'made to measure' presents. So I'm quite pleased with that. And some of them are edible which is great as it means I get to taste test them, for quality assurance purposes! That is all I can say about the presents so far cos I can't spoil the surprise for all the lovely people receiving a homemade pressie!

Non-sewing things in the making at the moment include: finishing the Christmas cake, an 80th birthday cake for my nan-in-law, mince pies and cookies in time for Christmas Eve, and the wrapping paper for the pressies. Now this might not count, but as I am going to be trying a new way or wrapping (for me anyway) I am most excited to see how that turns out. Will post loads of piccies once theses projects are done!

In other news, the Christmas Market last weekend went very well and I received some bespoke orders for french memo boards, so I'm so excited to make these up and deliver them this weekend.

I shall leave you with a few pics of my WIP:

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