Friday, 17 December 2010

I'm a little teapot...

...short and stout...'s my handle...

...and here's my spout!

This lovely little teapot is a birthday present for my nan-in-law and to make it even cuter I decided to make it a wee tea cosy.

I have never made a tea cosy before, and it was surprisingly easy. The sewing machine behaved itself and apart from me having a blonde moment and sewing the bottom sides together and then having to unpick it all and start again, it was a fun project. I may just write a tutorial for it during the hols!

I used a charming fabric with different teapots and teacups on it which I think adds to the cuteness of the mini teapot and its mini cosy.

Now, time for a cuppa. How do you take yours?

PS - I bought this teapot in Sainsbury's and it comes with a box of fairtrade teabags. It is the perfect size for one person who is very thirsty or two people who only want a small cuppa.

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