Monday, 3 January 2011

The year that was my 2010

I don't normally write about myself on this blog as it was always intended to be about Princess Crafts, but having sat down and thought about what 2010 was like, I felt I wanted to share it, so here goes!

In 2010, I:

  • Was unemployed for 9 months
  • Eventually fond a job and quite like it
  • Lost a dear friend and miss her every day
  • Celebrated my second wedding anniversary
  • Attended two of my best friends’ weddings
  • Celebrated the birth of two friends’ babies
  • Got in touch with my creative side and set up Princess Crafts
  • Lost my lovely cat Lucy who lived to the ripe old age of 20
  • Adopted two cute white cats called Bubble and Squeak
  • Finally upgraded to an iPhone
  • Had a lovely holiday in the Highlands with my Hubby and Papa
  • Finally learned some Italian
  • Baked lots of cakes
  • Ate lots of cakes
  • Took loads of photos
  • Celebrated my inlaws’ 30th wedding anniversary
  • Celebrated my sister’s engagement
  • Had a lot of job interviews
  • Discovered I really like writing my blog
  • Went to the cinema as much as possible
  • Discovered I like sewing more than I thought I would
  • Realised I knitting is not my thing
  • Saw Love Never Dies and LOVED it
  • Was treated to a box at the Royal Opera House to see Cinderella
  • Enjoyed some great BBQs in our finished garden
  • Bought a new car
  • Joined Weight Watchers and have lost 23lbs so far
  • Went on two hen nights which were the best fun ever
  • Visited my best friend’s new flat which was a great weekend
  • Saw Whitney Houston at the O2 and she was AWFUL
  • Went on a free trip to Rimini for the weekend and realised I speak Italian quite well
  • Took a flower arranging course and really enjoyed it
  • Had afternoon tea with by best friends at a posh hotel
  • Hosted afternoon tea at my house and ate a lot of cake
  • Went to Calais on a booze cruise
  • Had a free spa weekend in Wales
  • Helped my sister choose her wedding dress
  • Attended my first baby shower
  • Saw Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and loved it
  • Had to buy a new fridge freezer
  • Went to see Disney on Ice and felt like a kid again
  • Saw Sally Morgan, Psychic to the Stars and was quite impressed
  • Went to my first craft fair with Princess Crafts and want to do another one
  • Spent New Year with my Hubby, Mum and Dad and welcomed 2011 whilst drinking a Cosmopolitan

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