Monday, 10 January 2011

Poor January, nobody likes you

Nobody likes January do they?

January is a funny month - Christmas is over and we are all fat and broke and we have nothing to look forward to now. It is still the middle of winter and it's cold, wet, snowy and dark. Plus the next bank holiday seems AGES away...

Usually I dislike January, but this year I have noticed a few things that are making it a bit easier to deal with this particular month:
  1. Today I noticed that the days are getting longer, a sure sign that Spring is on its way and we will soon enjoy longer daylight hours. 
  2. I have also noticed that all the American TV programmes I like to watch are starting new series this month! This will definately alliveiate the 'January blues'.
  3. And, this January is also a celebratory month at I will be helping to celebrate a 30th wedding anniversary (a fantastic milestone in life) and a 1st birthday which is probably one of the most special birthdays to have. 

This leads me to invite you to share what you LIKE about January. Leave a comment and let's celebrate all the good things that January has to offer!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ok well you stole both of mine but I'll repeat them anyways. I have noticed that it's getting lighter in the mornings on my walk into work (although I'm still leaving in the dark which does not make me happy). And Glee is finally back on tv which is brilliant.

    AND I like January because that means the next month is February and it's all short and stuff which means your pay lasts a couple of days longer. Theoretically.


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