Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Loo Roll: Over the top or underneath?

A new little project has been added to the WIP in the form of a small embroidery (my first) using a pattern purchased on Etsy. I was super thrilled when  I saw this pattern ages ago and purchased it immediately!!

I've traced the pattern onto the material and it is all ready to be popped into an embroidery hoop ready to go!

Now, I don't know about you, but in my house, there is a right way (over the top)  and a wrong way (underneath) to hang to toilet roll, so his cute little sewing project will make it clear to everyone which way is the right way! I am very particular about the loo roll and so this was right up my street!

If you would like to buy this pattern and have a go yourself, pop over to Wild Olive at Esty. This lovely lady has some uber cute patterns for all occasions!

Which way do you like your loo roll?


  1. I've never really considered my loo roll before to be honest...but I will now! What is it that's wrong about it hanging underneath?

  2. It's jsut better over the top as it is right there and not stuck against the wall! I know it's sad to be so opinionated about this but that's just me!


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