Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lovely Sewing Goodness

After literally months of saying 'I wish I had an iPhone' I eventually upgraded my three year old (and kinda dinosaur-ish) handset and got myself a brand spanking new iPhone in glorious shiny black chic-ness!!

And, no decent iPhone should be without a decent cover to protect it from all the nasties life has the throw at it (keys in the bottom of your bag, getting dropped, getting scuffed etc). So, I headed over to Sew You and asked the lovely Abi to make me one and this is what I got!!!

 A super cute and totally girlie pink cupcake phone case! Handmade especially for ME!!

 I has a cute pink button and matching elastic to stop the phone coming out...

AND a cute wee pocket on the back, the perfect size for a train ticket or an emergency fiver (oo that's a good idea!)

If you want one, pop over to Sew You Handmade's brand spanking new uber cute and wonderful website and get in quick as she is a busy lady!! She makes all sorts of gorgeous goodies in some FABulous fabrics!

Now, if I had an iPad, I would get a matching case...

1 comment:

  1. a matching case is exactly what that needs. You know what you have to do Kerry...

    Very nice, and very you, I think!


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