Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Baby Appliqué

You may remember a previous post about some appliqué babygrows, well this weekend I improved on these and created three cute t-shirts for a very special little boy. I used the same designs as before but this time I sewed them on as I discovered the stupid adhesive I used before does not actually stick and comes off in the wash (rubbish).

I used some bright coloured t-shirts and then ironed on the shapes using the aforementioned rubbish adhesive. I figured this would help hold in place with the assistance of the stitching.

This cute little tie is cut from a light blue cotton with navy Winnie the Pooh detailing which is just adorable. I like how it is 'Winnie the Pooh' without being obvious.

The spanner and hammer are cut from a brilliant fabric with all sorts of tools on it and it is a lovely bright and colourful pattern. I call it 'Bob the Builder print'! Against the blue and red t-shirts, the little tools really stand out. I think babies' clothes should be bright and colourful and these definitely fit the bill!

I'm quite pleased with the zig zag stitching as I haven't done this before, and the Mummy loved these tops! Can someone please have a baby girl so I can do some of my other ideas??

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