Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Vintage cake plates

In a bid to find the perfect teacups to turn into candles, I sometimes end up buying a whole teaset. This is not usually a problem as I totally love everything I buy, even if it would look totally out of place in my house!

This goregous black flowery print is one of my absolute faves:

The  teacups look great as candles, and I even turned the sugar bowl into a large candle. 

When I buy large sets, I often end up with an odd cup or saucer, but with this set I had two large cake plates and 9 tea plates. So one of the tea plates became the 'saucer' for the sugar bowl candle and then one cake plate and four of the teaplates became a raffle prize for the Christmas Bazaar I did in December. 

The remaining plates are all mine!! I simply cannot bear to part with them, so they have taken up residence in my sideboard, eagerly awaiting the next tea party! They have already had a trial run...

I think these plates make the cakes look even yummier than usual, but that's just me!

Do you have anything you can't bear to part with?

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