Friday, 9 March 2012

WIP: Crochet with fabric

A lot of people ask me what you can do with my giant crochet hooks and my answer is that the possibilities are endless! I have plans to make up some items as examples of what projects you can make with them and my first idea involves reusing old bedsheets.

Last year I bought new sets of bedsheets as they were getting  bit past their best. Normally I would have thrown them into the fabric recycling bin, but nowadays I keep all that kind of stuff in case I can think of a means to upcycle it! Cue the purchase of a box of Dylon fabric dye and a wee stint in the washing machine and my previously washed out beige fitted sheets are now a blue/grey colour!

Be gone horrible colour, hello springtime hue!

Once they're dry, I'll be slicing them into long strips and sewing the strips together to make one great bit long ball of 'yarn'. Then the extreme crochet begins! I haven't fully decided on what to make with them but at the moment I'm thinking of making a bedside rug. Something quick easy and simple yet effective.

I made a special effort not to make them pink. Are you proud of me? It was a bit of a challenge but I did it! And although they didn't quite come out the colour I was hoping for, I rather like them!

Watch this space for the finished article!

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  1. A woman in Munich slices up handdied silk and knits and crochets jumpers with it. She doesn't sew the ends together, she slices in a zigzag so she gets a continuous strip out of the fabric. As it is silk, the endbits simply roll up when she knits them.


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