Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bake List: Butteries

Another item ticked off my Bake List! Butteries are something I have always wanted to make, particularly as you can't buy them in England and so the only way to have any is to make them yourself. I decided to make these yummy baked treats for the weekend as I was staying at my mum and dad's along with my aunt and we are all big buttery fans. They went down a treat!

I have a great book of traditional Scottish recipes called 'Taste Ye Back' and so used the buttery recipe from there. It called for a shocking amount of lard, vegetable fat and salt and knowing what goes into them has slightly put me off eating too many. Heart attack on a plate, esp when you add whatever accompaniment you have with them!

The method is pretty easy, a bit like making bread, but a bit 'stagey' as you have to prove them twice before baking. And handling the lard was rather gross, might wear rubber gloves next time!

If you've never had a buttery before, the best way to describe them is: like a very salty, dense croissant. They are best warm and toast really well. I had mine with some ham which balanced out the saltiness, my mum had hers with strawberry jam and my aunt had egg and bacon with hers! So that goes to show there are several ways to eat them. Next time I will use a bit less salt as the recipe called for 40g which we all felt made them that bit too salty.

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  1. I've never heard of these, but they look very interesting.

    X x


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