Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Cook List: Sausage Rolls

Way back in September last year, I wrote my Cook List which identified a number of dishes that I want to make for the first time. Between one thing and another, this culinary wish list has been on the back burner. Well, last week I got round to making item number 11 from the list - Sausage Rolls.

I found a recipe on Cherry Menlove's website and instantly knew I had to make them!! I actually first made these at Christmas but never got a photo as they were gobbled up so quickly. I made them again last weekend for a party, and guess what, no photo this time either! So you'll have to pop over here to see what they look like and get the recipe. 

These are actually the best sausage rolls I've ever tasted and mine turned out exactly like the picture too! Make these for the next party you're invited to and you'll have a ton of new friends!!

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  1. Dear friend, Thank you very much for the recipe. I looked the website and also I copied the recipe.. Rolls seem so delicious.. I want all of them.. Really I can eat all of them..:))
    Best warm wishes...


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