Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Baby crochet bib

Pink is the colour of the day. In fact, pink is the colour of most of my days. Now that we know we are expecting a baby girl, the amount pink in the house is slowly increasing. Pink is my colour, and I'm sure it will be the little poppet's colour too (well at least until she's old enough to choose otherwise). Don't get me wrong, I will not turn her into a pink princess who will only wear pink dresses with fluffy, frilly, glittery pink trimmings, because that is just wrong on a lot of levels. If she is anything like me in her complexion, pink will be her 'go to' colour which can then be paired with any other hue from the rainbow. Anyway, I digress.

On the pink theme, today I want to share this super cute crochet bib I made in a lovely pink cotton.

The pattern is from Nicki Trench's Cute and Easy Crochet book and I used the same DK cotton as I did on these scrumptious booties

I just love the feel of this cotton and can't wait to get my hands on some more of it for future projects!

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