Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Re-Covered Desk Chair

Do you ever look around your office/craft space and think 'I'm so bored of this room'? Well, I have recently, and it's probably because there are plans for the room to become the nursery in the next few months so I haven't made any changes to my office in ages. I actually want to just get stuck into putting the nursery together but that's another story!

Last night I felt the need to spruce up something in my office and so rummaged through my fabric stash and rediscovered this owly print:

I'm not particularly an owl print fan but I bought this fabric last year when owls were 'bang on trend' and made a few things which sold quite well. I had some left over which went back into the box for a rainy day. Ages ago I saw a pin on Pinterest from someone who recovered their desk chair so when I found it again yesterday it sparked an idea.

My comfy yet increadibly dull looking desk chair has now gone from this... this:

The old fabric was a weird felt that every piece of fluff/cat hair stuck to like glue and so it always looked grubby (dislike). The owl print is a cross between a cotton and a linen so hopefully will not be a lint magnet. It looks rather spiffy if I do say so myself!

I simply took the plastic back off and unscrewed the base and then stapled the new fabric over the top of the cushions. Hey presto, 30 minutes later, and nicer looking chair! And the best bit is that when I do eventually move my office space into Mr PC's office, I can take my cool chair with me!


  1. That looks fab! Love the fabric x

  2. Great idea and perfect work.. I like your new seat..:))

  3. It looks great. And sound so simple too.

    X x


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