Thursday, 3 March 2016

A Poncho Story

When I was still at school, I had a grey fleece poncho with a funnel neck, two pockets and a cream blanket stitch edging. It was brilliant. I loved it. It was from Next and I felt so trendy in it. Until I wore it to non-uniform day. Turns out I was the only one who appreciated this fashion choice. So I probably hardly ever wore it after that and one day it got sent to the charity shop. I still think about that poncho and my older, more self-confident self wishes I had kept it because I sould SO wear it now!

Sometime in the last year or two, ponchos and capes have come back into fashion and I was on the hunt for one. Yanno, cos all the cool kids are wearing them now.

The shops just didn't offer anything I wanted to part money with, and then those that I did like made me look like some matronly nanny which is just a look I wasn't going for. Then Simply Crochet magazine had a pattern in issue 25 that just spoke to me. With a chunky cowl neck and lots of bright colours, it was just my kind of thing. So off I popped to order the wool (Drops Nepal) and I got hooking!

The waffle cowl neck was fun to make and it was a different way to get the waffle effect which I hadn't tried before.

After the cowl was done, it was time to start on the colours, and my are they devine!

This is the only pic I have of myself wearing the poncho. I'm just not a selfie type of person. I never know what to do with my face! Anyway, I wore it on top of my coat at last year's Easter Egg Hunt, hence the ears, and it was super warm. Everyone kept looking at me that day and I thought they were admiring my handiwork but it turns out they were eyeing up my headband! When did being a grown up mean having to be dull and boring? That's so not me!

This poncho has served me well and I'm excited to wear it a bit more now that the worst of the winter is over. Althought it's made from aran weight wool and is pretty heavy, it's a bit drafty on the cold windy days of winter. Having said that, I've worn it over my coat many times and not felt the cold at all those days! It even serves as a great blanket for a little person as Poppet found out while on a boat trip in Malta las year.

Until next time,

K x

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