Friday, 4 March 2016

Crochet for my girl

One of the best things about being able to crochet and sew, is that I can make cute unique items for my girl. She has sported a great many handmade items from things that I have made to loads of gifts from skilled family and friends. Now she's almost three and half, she totally knows if something has been handmade and asks me who made what anytime she wears a cardi, jumper, hat scarf etc. which I really like to see. She even makes requests! The latest was for a hat "a yellow had with a yellow bow and big yellow pom pom, or maybe some pink"...

Two of my latest makes for her are this cute pixie hat fron Kat Goldin's Hook Stitch and Give and the short sleeved cardigan from Simply Crochet magazine, issue 32. Both are in Drops Nepal, using the same colours as my poncho. So some days the two of us go out all matchy matchy!

I have plans to make another cardi from Inside Crochet issue 74 which is a lovely blue with a rainbow coloured yoke and cloud shaped pocket! i just need to get some other WIPs out of the way first.

Until next time,

K x

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