Thursday, 26 May 2011

Liberty Button

Earlier in the week I posted about my visit to Liberty and mentioned the button I bought. I managed to get it sewn on quicker than expected, mainly cos I couldn't wait to see how it would look! I usually leave my sewing jobs languishing in the cupboard for aaages before I get round to them. There's something kinda mundane about mending things that makes me put it off but once they are fixed, I wonder why I waited so long!

So, my special Liberty button was destined for a fuchsia pink chunky knit jacketwhich my Mum knitted for me. Here's how it looks:

This jacket doesn't look great on the hanger (does anything?) but I can assure you it looks great on! It's just waiting for its first outing when the weather turns. The colour is right up my street and would you believe it will go with practically everything in my wardrobe? That's what's so good about my 'go to colour' everything I have goes with one shade of pink or another. Most people stick to black, but I stick to pink, it's the way to go for me!


This button does not photograph well. I don't know why cos it's so pretty. Maybe it's camera shy...

Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to wearing this when the weather turns cold again? Thanks Mum!

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