Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Well, wasn't the Royal Wedding just as wonderful as we all expected?? I absolutely loved it, and really think William and Catherine will have a long and happy marriage. The dress was beautiful, the bridesmaids almost outshone the bride,  the Abbey looked amazing and the weather was lovely and sunny too! My favourite thing apart from The Dress was the trees in Westminster Abbey. I thought they looked fab and it's really nice that they will be planted in the grounds of Highgrove. Makes me wish I had a tree on my wedding day...

To celebrate, I hosted a Royal Wedding Tea Party and it was a brilliant day! I spent all of last Thursday baking and preparing so that on Friday I could get up and dressed (in my posh frock and hat) and watch the telly. We had such a good time, we are all too busy having fun to remember to take any photos which is a shame cos my tea table was looking pretty and full of lovely china and cakes!

I made bride and groom shaped biscuits which were a real hit (altho I fell out with the royal icing and so the grooms were 'naked'), and we munched on these during the ceremony and sipped tea from my vintage china cups. Other items on the menu included:

Victoria Sandwich - homemade - this cake was created for Queen Victoria's jubilee
Battenburg Cake - homemade - this cake was created for Queen Victoria's Granddaughter's wedding to one of the Battenburgs (later changed their name to Mountbatten so they sounded less 'German')
Coconut and cherry slice - my mum made this and it was devine!
Cherry scones - homemade by mum

I had never made a victoria sandwich or a battnburg but I must say they both turned out beautifully and were really quite scrummy! I wanted the menu to be traditionally British, and for the most part it was. We also had cheese and baguette bread which was a bit random for a tea party but actually worked really well as I had decided not to make sandwiches, so thanks to Laura for that one!

All in all, we had a lovely day and no doubt in 20 years when someone asks where I was when the King got married, I'll have a nice story to tell!

How did you celebrate the Royal Wedding?


  1. Hurray for tea parties! Can't believe you didn't take any photos though, I really wanted to see everything that you made.

    Hurray for battenburgs - although I wish I'd just done a normal one instead of trying for my union jack behemoth!

    Coconut and cherry slices also sound very scrumptious.

  2. I know it's a shame we forgot. I didn't take any of the cakes when I was making them as I wanted them to look nice on the table with all the cups and tablecloth etc. It wasn't until we were washing everything that we realised we forgot to take pics. I was mostly glued to the telly which might have also had something to do with it...!
    Will take a pic of the next battenburg I do!


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