Thursday, 3 November 2011

Christmas Prep: Christmas Cake Baked

Now that I've had my birthday, I can get serious about Christmas. And now that we're into November (omg where did the year go?!) it's time to get the prep well and truly underway! I've mentioned before that I start thinking about Christmas sometime in the summer, but this is the time of year when I step it up a few gears and get everything planned and organised.

October is the month for baking the Christmas cake and last year it was such a success that I've decided to do the same this year. My Granny's special recipe works a treat and it's just not Christmas without this cake! I've already made one for me and Mr PC and one for my sister and her new hubby. I have an order for one for my in-laws and possibly one or two more in the pipeline. That's how good it was last year *merry dance*!!

christmas cake 2010

The secret to this cake is brandy. And LOTS of it! The earlier you make it the better, and it needs weekly feeding with a generous dose of brandy. I guess this makes it unsuitable for designated drivers, but what I usually do it give them a piece to scoff when they get home.

Here's how this year's cake is looking at the moment:

Can you smell it? It's devine!

It's best stored in an airtight tin, and a metal one if you can. Wrap it in grease proof paper to keep it nice and cosy and to stop the brandy seeping out.

This is my most favourite cake tin ever!!

This leads me to ask you this question - Christmas cake: homemade or shop bought?


  1. None at all,can't stand dried fruit though I wouldn't mind the brandy:)

  2. Oh dear, not everyone is a fan of druit cake, I guess. Have you tried Tunis cake instead? Like madeira with thick chocolate on top.


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