Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Finished WIP: Christmas Stocking #2

After last week's sewing session, I was one down, one to go on the stocking front. I learnt many lessons on stocking #1 and felt ready to tackle stocking #2 with these freshly learnt tips and tricks under my belt. For example, I find that if I draw the line I want to sew with tailor's chalk, I can actually keep straight and make the seam even all the way around. What a revelation that was!!

I would say that making the front with three different prints and incorporating a pom pom trim does delay the process somewhat and whilst I know what I like, I still find it difficult to colour/pattern match. These are the questions I always find myself asking: Does it go, or does it clash? If it does clash, does it look good in a mis match sort of way or does it look like a colourblind person put it together? Will I actually like it when it's sewn together and there's no going back? The dilemmas are endless, and Mr PC always tells me to trust my instincts with these things but most of the time my instinct says to get my sister to pair the colours and patterns for me as she's the one with the 'eye' for these things! 

This is what stocking #2 turned out like, and I must say I do like it after all!!

The pom pom trim caused some aggro, mainly figuring out how to incorporate it into the seam and still have them pointing downwards. Thank goodness for pins! A lot of trial and error was involved in this one. 

The back is a rather fetching tartan pattern with a hint of gold through it which I hope will glint nicely under the light of the tree when the time comes.  And the red lining makes it even more festive.

Also, by a stroke of pure luck (ok, actually some rather anal measuring and re-measuring) , the two stockings are the same size and shape! Huzzah!

These babies are ready for some pressies, come on Santa, hurry up!

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