Monday, 31 October 2011

After Eight Cupcakes

After the baking experiment the other week, I decided to make the After Eight Cupcakes again, but make them better. I made sure to have all the ingredients ahead of time (don't you hate it when you get halway through and then have to run to the shop for more eggs, or icing sugar?) and even got some proper After Eights to decorate with. Here they are on my sister's rose plate.

The original cupcakes were a bit slap dash but these have a more polished look (or at least I think so) and the After Eight on the top really sets them off! These might just become one of my 'signature' cakes...


  1. Now they do look scrummy! I'm off to make cupcakes shortly hope mine look as good as yours!

    X x

  2. Yummy! These look great, and the after eights really set them off nicely :-) xx


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