Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New Product: Handmade crochet hooks

Yesterday I briefly mentioned the giant crochet hooks that Mr PC has been making. Well, I thought they deserved a post of their own, particularly as they are set to become a new product line for Princess Crafts.

You might remember this post when I mentioned Mr PC made a giant crochet hook for me to make something using the Hoopla yarn I got. Since then, anyone who has seen this massive crochet hook has been quite intrigued to see one so large and generally asks where to get one and what you can do with it etc. Then Mr PC had a lightbulb moment and said 'Why don't I make some for you to sell in your Etsy shop and at craft fairs?' Cue a trip to the shop for some wood and a few hours in the shed...

18mm crochet hook - £10

I've taken these hooks to two events now and they have proved to be a real talking point with other crochet fans and even those who've never crocheted before. We sold one at the weekend and Mr PC was really rather chuffed with himself. I think now he knows why I do a little 'yipee' whenever I sell something. It feels good when someone actually wants to pay you money for something you made! He gets it now. We've even sold one on Etsy and it went to its new home in Dublin.

18mm next to 4mm hook

We are now offering crochet hooks made to order in a variety of sizes from 15mm to 27mm. These will be in the Princess Crafts Etsy shop as well as at all our upcoming events. So if you're a happy (crochet) hooker, why not try something new and  create a giant project with a giant hook!

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