Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New Product: Handmade door stops

The creative cogs have been turning recently and my latest new product range is door stops. So far I have made just one, but there are plans for more coming very soon in some great fabric prints!

I just love this grey and lime green colour combo! And the birdies are super adorable. 

This doorstop is filled with rice to make it nice and heavy, which is ideal for propping a door open but not great for posting to potential Etsy customers. The postage costs...! So I'm in the midst of designing a 'fill your own' door stop which means that people can buy the doorstop and then when they get it home, fill it with whatever weight they have: rice, sand, pebbles etc.

I have some great fabrics which will lend themselves to very cute door stops, but the first one I will try this new idea with is this great flowery print:

And, if I can bear to part with it, and the design works, I might make one with this print:

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  1. The bird pattern fabric is adorable! Great idea to sell the door stops pre-filled, that way shipping costs are low and people can use whatever they prefer to fill them. Good luck!


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