Thursday, 6 October 2011

Get your scarf...'ve pulled!

Remember a while ago I posted about the ripple scarf I was making? Well, I got frustrated with trying to get the ripple to work and lost patience with it so unpicked it all (for the 6th time) and turned the scarf into a granny stripe scarf instead! After learning the granny stripe for another (still secret) project, I decided to make myself a scarf in the same style. And I think it turned out rather well. I'm really liking the granny stripe for the moment, so easy and looks great.

I made it fairly narrow so that it could be a scarf for those in between days when it's not really cold but it's not warm either. I'm also thinking it could be an all day accessory instead of just for outdoors.  It's a nice length too so hopefully it will look good worn different ways. 

I still had plenty of yarn left so I'm now making some hand warmers to match. I thought the granny stripe would make them too holey so I'm following a pattern that uses trebles (or US double crochet) which I found on Pinterest. I'm quite liking how they're shaping up, but I have to be careful to keep counting the stitches as I have a knack of adding stitches without realising! I've also learnt how to make a rib, so there's another stitch style mastered!

Again, I'm hoping these can be all day accessories a the yarn is not too heavy. And they will be so soft that I prob won't want to take them off!!

In other accessory related news, I've fashioned two scarves recently. One is based on the Mollie Makes scarf which you make out of a chopped up t-shirt and the other is from some gold jersey fabric I got at John Lewis. 

Mollie Makes scarf - before

Mollie Makes scarf - after
I'm not sure if I like this one, I feel it looks too much like a chopped up t-shirt for me. I'll have to try it with the appropriate outfit and see what it looks like. I also had to modify it slightly as my top was quite big around the body (I'm a big person, but it had also stretched) and so when I first put it on, it came down past my waist and looked daft. So I got the sewing machine out and shortened it a bit. This was one of my fave tops but it was getting old and kinda baggy in an unflattering way and I wasn't ready to part with it so it seemed liked a good candidate for this DIY attempt. The jury is still out though.

This is the gold stripe jersey scarf I sewed up at the weekend.

It looks a bit odd on the hanger but I think it's ok. It looks like those infinity scarves you can buy in the shops for some crazy amount of money but this was nice and cheap! I put a twist in it before sewing the ends together so it's got a bit of shape. This is also hopefully going to be an all day accessory.

And that's it for my latest completed projects! There are lots more to come soon as the sewing machine is now set up at the dining table ready for more action!

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