Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Finished WIP: Christmas Stocking #1

I did it! Last night saw the completion of my first ever Christmas stocking and wow did it take ages..! It turned out better than I expected, considering I have no idea what I'm doing with these things and the sewing machine is still a scary piece of machinery at times.

First handmade Christmas stocking!

 I modelled the size on a shop bought stocking which we have used the last couple of years, and I actually did a happy dance when I compared them and saw that my stocking was just the same size and shape!

Using shop bought as a template saved a lot of aggro

This is Mr PC's stocking, mine will be a bit more contemporary than this one but it does mean starting the whole process from scratch again!

I think the pom poms look like mini snowballs

Pics of stocking number 2 to follow! What have you been making for Christmas?


  1. It looks brill, I am wanting to make some this year for the 1st time :)

  2. Thanks, I def recommend making some they look mcuh nicer than shop bought stockings!

  3. At the moment I'm making a penguin mobile phone sock for my daughter,she adores the critters.I already knitted her a lace shrug and a snood.

  4. Well done, it looks fantastic.

    X x


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