Friday, 14 October 2011

Some theories

I thought I'd share a few theories I have about things:

  • If you buy an item that comes with 50% extra free (or similar offer), then the free part has no calories. for example, if you buy a 6 pack of chocolate mousses that comes with 2 extra, then the extra ones are free of calories. This applies to all things, like chocolate, cake, biscuits, ice cream, sweets etc. 
  • Broken biscuits have no calories because the calories have fallen out. 
  • Chips taste much better when eaten off someone else's plate
  • My chocolate bars are not for sharing but yours are
  • Some women should not be allowed to drive, especially the ones who drive ridiculously large 4x4s and don't know how to handle them
  • Cat cuddles cure all woes
  • A good hug from someone you love is enough to remind you that you're cherished
  • Regularly doing something you greatly enjoy improves your quality of life, be that sewing, sports, travelling, reading, cooking or gardening
  • Technology is wonderful until it stops working 
  • Even the most intelligent of people need to watch trashy telly sometimes
  • Everyone should have at least one friend who they can call in the middle of the night and it not be a problem
  • Everyone should have at least on friend that makes them laugh so har it makes their belly hurt
  • A vase of flowers can cheer you up, even if they are not your favourite blooms
  • Giving flowers feels just as good as receiving them
  • If you eat the same number of vegetables as you do cakes, that is a fairly balanced diet
I hope that's cheered you up ready for the weekend!

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