Friday, 4 November 2011

Bake List: P-p-p-pumpkin Pie!

This is the season for all things pumpkin and in true American style, I made a pumpkin pie last weekend, using the tart tin I got for my birthday. Now, I've wanted to make a pumpkin pie for ages but was saving it for the right time of year. It even made it onto my Bake List. I even had a can of American pumpkin purée which I got at the posh deli shop. I was super excited about making this pie!

Pumpkin pie

Imagine my dismay and sheer disappointment when I tasted this scrummy looking pie and discovered that I don't actually like it. I could've cried. Now, I've never actually tasted a pumpkin pie, but there was no reason to know that I wouldn't like it. I mean, it's a pie. With proper pastry and everything. What's not to like? Apparently, everything about it is not to like - taste, smell and texture, bleugh! I didn't even finish the slice I thought it was that bad. Mr PC wasn't keen on it either. Major disappointment.

So now it is cut into slices and in the freezer until I find someone who would like it. It's just too pricey for me to throw out (nearly £5 inc the tin of purée). So, if you like pumpkin pie, give me a shout!

On the plus side, the pasty base was perfect, not soggy or undercooked. A perfect bake, as Mary Berry would say. It just tastes yuk!

Here's hoping the next item off my Bake List tastes better!

Have you ever made something that you didn't like?

PS. Have you spotted my new Bake List page?

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