Monday, 19 September 2011

The Bake List

The second series of The Great British Bake Off has been amazing foodie telly and the list of things I want to learn to bake has been getting longer and longer! After reading this post on Cake and Feminism I was inspired to write my own Bake List. There's a huge list of things I want to make/eat and so I decided to write the top contenders into a list which I can work my way through (and tick off as I go along!).

There are 12 items on the list (in no particular order) which I think is plenty to be getting on with as I plan to do one a month.

The Bake List
  1. Butteries
  2. Tarte au Citron
  3. Chocolate Eclairs/Profiteroles
  4. Pumpkin Pie
  5. Macaroons (flavour tbc)
  6. Shortbread
  7. Bread Rolls (flavour tbc)
  8. Cheese Twists
  9. Chocolate Pavlova
  10. Tipsy Cake
  11. Bagels
  12. Melting Chocolate Puddings
A Cook List is also in the pipelines and  I'll share it once I make the final decisions. 

What would be on your Bake List?

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