Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Feeding the fabric addiction

Any crafter/sewer must, at one time or another, admit to a wee bit of an addiction to fabric and prints. Well, today's the day! My name is Kerry and I'm a fabric addict.

I try not to feed this addiction too much but yesterday I visited my local fabric shop of choice, the aladdin's cave of material. *swoon* I had  to go to the shop as I've been asked to make another of my royal wedding tea cosies and required the fabric. I was very good though and before I went I did a quick inventory of my stash and earmarked the 'good bits' to become various things which I want to make. So while I was in the shop I made myself stick to the shopping list of royal wedding fabric, wadding, calico, wooden buttons and ribbons for my projects. I was most impressed with myself when  I got to the til and realised I only bought one thing that wasn't on my list!! (this is probably beacause I didn't let myself even look at anything else in the shop!) This is it:

Medium sized cupcake print - perfect for a new product idea I've had!
These are my selections from my current stash for some new projects and new product ideas for the Princess Crafts shop:
The photos are a bit rubbish on account of it being so bloomin' dark today!

Shoes and handbags on blue background

Kitchen equipment - retro and modern at the same time

Musical notes

Lime green birides on grey background - scrummy!

Teeny tiny ballet shoes in vibrant pink

Ballerina fairies - I wish this was wallpaper for my office!

I did feed my addiction but managed to do it in a controlled manner, so go me!

PS. Come to see me at the Vintage and Handmade Market this Saturday in Chelmsford and get 10% off when you spend £20 just quote 'blog'. 


  1. LOVE that kitchen print! Where is this fine fabric emporium?

  2. It's fab isn't it?! The shop is And Sew On at Blake House Craft Centre near Braintree and it's the best shop ever! We can go together one day if you want!


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