Friday, 16 September 2011

Emptying out my brain

My brain is getting full. Full of ideas, things that need done, things I want to do, things that need planned and things that need thinking about. It is times like this that I look out some paper and a pen and start writing it all down. My iPhone has an app for making lists but there's something about actually writing it down that makes me feel like I've achieved something. And the satisfaction of ticking things of the list, well...

Yesterday I dug out a notebook to start on the list writing. There is so much in my brain at the moment that for the first time ever I've actually written a list of lists that I need to make. So far I have 13 items on this list and these are just the ones off the top of my head, if I put some more thought into it I could probably bring that to 20!

time for a brain dump!

Today I'll be on a long car journey (this is a scheduled post) so the notebook is coming with me and I'll be writing the lists and dumping all the stuff out of my brain to make way for new thoughts and ideas and then everything will stop being a jumbled up mess in my head. Ooh, it feels good even just thinking about that! Please note I will be a passenger as Mr PC will be driving so that I can a) make my lists b) get some crochet work done on a secret project which I will share soon.

Are you a list writer?

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