Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Yarn Fairy's latest delivery

You've heard me mention the Yarn Fairy before, well at the weekend, she paid another visit and left me a small bag of wool related goodness! It even had my name on it...

Here's what was inside!

Some odds and ends c/o my mum Yarn Fairy

This pink is my fave
The Yarn Fairy's latest delivery has added to my ever growing stash and whilst I have no plans for any of these for the time being, they are quite happy residing with all the other yarns until their fate has been decided.

And last but not least, the YF also sent me some surprise Elemis samples! If you know me, you know how happy free samples of Elemis make me! And I had to take a pic while the camera was out:

Happy days!

Has the YF visited you lately?

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