Tuesday, 24 April 2012

WIP: Bright stripe blanket

I'm currently working on a number of different projects, most of which are still a secret so I haven't been able to share my recent WIPs but this one is for me so I can show it off as much as I like!

'What the heck is that?!'

This blanket is for my little poppet (expected arrival early October!) and is inspired by a Milla Mia pattern I spotted at the Stitch and Craft Show. Their pattern is knitted and uses merino wool  but as I don't knit I decided to make it using good old double crochet! Oh, and I'm using Stylecraft DK as merino wool is lovely but out of my budget for such a large project!

Stripey, stripey, stripey!

I've no idea how big exactly it's going to turn out but so far it's shaping up nicely. I have another billion rows to go! As it's straight forward rows of dc it's great for the days when my brain can't cope with counting or tracking stitches (we all have those, right?). The downside is that it's a bit boring to be working on all the time so progress is sometimes slow but hey, I've got another 5 months to finish it!

I love that it's so bright and colourful which is a stark contrast to the majority of baby clothes and accessories I have seen so far. Don't get me wrong, pastels are nice and everything but rather boring sometimes, and I don't 'do' boring! I'm pretty sure my little poppet will be the only one to have something so loud on his/her pram!

Squeak wanted to help model the blanket!

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