Monday, 16 July 2012

Little boy blue

Earlier in the year I was working on a number of secret projects, and I am pleased to finally show you some of them! These items were all gifts for a new baby, my best friend's first little bundle of joy and I've been so eager to a) give her these gifts and b) to share them on the blog!

Cotton crochet bibs
Lovely soft DK cotton to catch dribbles and spills and keep clothes clean and tidy.

Cotton crochet booties
Proper little boy shoes, in super comfy DK cotton.

Crochet 'paper chain'
My 'boy' version of bunting. Measures about 1.5m and I added little ties so they can be easily hung/tied anywhere.

Nursing cover straps
These are a genius idea which I found on Pinterest - you use the clips to attach the strap to a blanket/muslin and then put the strap round your neck and use it as a cover while you are breastfeeding. This means total privacy for you and baby while the cover stays put without any effort. Bloody genius if you ask me!

Patchwork ball
Every boy needs a good ball to play with and this one is perfectly safe for playing with indoors. It's far too big for the little one at the moment but this is one toy he will grow into! It's also my very first attempt at patchwork after the pincushion I made at the patchwork workshop I went to. 


  1. I think the nursing straps are such a great idea! Do you sell them? I also love the patchwork ball x

  2. I don't sell them at the moment, but it could be a possibility. Email me if you'd like to order some and we can talk about it.


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