Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Crochet wedding blanket

Another of this year's secret projects has been a crochet blanket that me and a few friends made for another friend's wedding present. Now that the nuptials have happened and the new Mr & Mrs have received their gift, I wanted to show you a few pics of the blanket in progress so you can admire our handiwork!

Devising a layout

Lovely squares ready for sewing together
We picked a lovely selection of colours, loosely based on the wedding colour scheme and then used white to bring them all together. They worked quite well once we had got them done.

We each made a stack of mini granny squares and then divided the whole lot into sections to be crocheted together. Once they individual sections were done, we stitched them all together to make it whole and it was finished off with a row of double crochet in white. 

We used a double crochet seam to join the squares and made it a feature

My finished section

I don't have any pics of the finished article as it was wrapped and gifted before we cold do this, but we're sure the new Mr & Mrs will take it with them on many outings along with the picnic hamper we gave them.

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